Here’s a quick zip round some of the safety and security technology which is set to become more prominent in the next few years:

In-Car Cameras

More vehicle owners than ever will be fitting in-car cameras and it’s easy to see why. An in-car camera can provide vital evidence which can be used in a court of law should be involved in, or witness, an incident. These clever devices can be fitted to your windscreen or dashboard and record your journey and can be removed and refitted as you see necessary. Find out more about in-car cameras here.


Vehicle TrackersFancy bringing down your insurance premiums and safeguarding your car against theft? Thought so! Trackers, just like in-car cameras, are becoming increasing popular as car theft becomes more sophisticated with criminal gangs taking advantage of weaknesses in the in-built security systems of premium keyless entry cars. Trackers are a small device which is fitted in a concealed location by an authorised engineer – when the vehicle is started without the keys in the ignition, or you report your vehicle missing, the Police will be able to track your car via VHF (very high frequency) tracking technology which generates a location signal.

It’s not all security though,  we’re expecting to see a few safety features start to become more popular too.

Lane Detection

The new kid on the block that’s bringing us ever closer to the driverless car. Lane detection, or lane departure warning, uses a few cameras mounted on the windshield of your vehicle to keep a track of how close you are to road surface markings, and alerts you when you’re about to drift across lanes unintentionally (you won’t get a notification if your indicators are on – as the software assumes that you are intentionally crossing the markings).

The next level up from lane detection is lane assist which will actually nudge the car back to the center of the road should you find yourself too close to the markings.

Both systems are incredibly advanced at the moment and you could find yourself keeping straight and true for many miles with no human interjection whatsoever.

Reversing Sensors and Cameras

So these might not be as cool as lane detection, but they are incredibly handy. Forget about twisting round to try and see behind you and still hitting that thigh-high post. Sensors will let you know when you’re getting close to another vehicle or the wall, whilst reversing cameras provide a heads-up display of exactly what’s behind you, allowing you to manoeuvre your pride and joy in to even the tightest of parking spaces. Find out more about how easy it is to install reversing aids.

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