The worrying rise in the number of fraudulent “cash for crash” claims, and the risks that tourists and business travellers face when they travel abroad to countries where police corruption is common, means that more and more people are looking for ways to protect themselves on the roads.

The Camera Does Not Lie

While some of the less expensive dash cams offer simple video recordings, more sophisticated cameras offer a wider range of features including date and timestamps, GPS location stamps, speed reporting, lane departure warnings, forward collision detection, and features that will automatically save the most recent few minute’s worth of footage if they detect a sudden change in velocity. Together, these features can be very useful for proving who was at fault in an accident. Investing is a dash cam becomes important in cutting down your car insurance.

Rewarding Cautious Drivers

As more and more people are opting to install an in car camera for accidents and traffic incident recording, special dash cam insurance policies are becoming increasingly common. The RAC currently offer £30 off car insurance if you have an RAC dash cam. Swiftcover offers dash cam insurance discounts of 10%, on the assumption that drivers who have an in car camera for accidents are more likely to drive cautiously. Insurance company esure also acknowledges the value of dash cams with cheaper insurance.

Having dash cam evidence available after a crash is ideal for careful drivers, but it will also show up any incident where the owner of the camera was at fault, too. The insurance companies understand this, and are able to factor it into their rates.

Police Witness

Some insurance approved dash cam models offer subscription to the online Police Witness service. This service will forward footage from traffic incidents to their servers, so that the footage can be passed on to the relevant authorities. Since the footage is uploaded straight from the camera, you can be confident that it hasn’t been tampered with, and that it provides a completely neutral view of what actually happened on the roads.

Which Dash Cam Should You Buy To Reduce Insurance Premiums?

Insurance providers view dash cams as being similar to telematics and ‘black box’ devices that record your driving habits. The people who are willing to have them installed are the drivers who are confident in their abilities and mindful of how they drive. However, the recording devices are useful only if they produce a clear and high quality image, so most insurers will only offer discounts for owners of higher end dash cams, such as the ones offered by Garmin and Thinkware. Cameras priced cheaper than £150 typically record at lower resolutions, and lack GPS and speed features, which means that their usefulness is limited, especially in low light conditions.

If you are a careful driver who has never been involved in an accident before, then getting a dash cam will give you the peace of mind that if the worst happens, you will be able to prove that the accident was not your fault. However, you should be aware that only a small number of insurance providers offer up-front discounts to dash cam owners at this time. Contact your insurance provider before you invest in a camera if your main motivation is to lower your premium. A black box, or a bigger excess, may be a better option.

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