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Mio MiVue 538 dash cam

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In-car dash cam with GPS tracking, night vision, and full HD recording.

Product description

Your eyewitness on the road with built in GPS

The Mio Mivue 538 dash cam is a great value car camera that’s packed with premium features. It records in full 1080p HD, has built in GPS tracking, and even a special parking mode that records in a car park – even when you aren’t there. Dash cams are an increasingly essential tool on busy British roads. They record the view in front of the car and provide crucial evidence in road incidents – they can even help protect your insurance no-claims bonus if an accident isn’t your fault.

GPS Tracking

The GPS tracker records your location, direction of travel, time of travel, speed, latitude and longitude. Tracking data is merged with Google Maps™ to show your journey in an understandable format.

F.18 lens

The bright F1.8 lens allows more light to be viewed – this means you get great recording quality even in low light conditions.

1080p Full HD

The Mio Mivue 538 has a 130 degree camera lens that records in 1080p resolution. The dash cam records using the H.264 format to capture HD detail in a smaller file size.

Event recording mode

The built in 3-axis G Sensor is able to detect sudden changes in motion and will trigger the recording protection mode. This marks a segment of video as important and won’t be accidentally deleted.

Auto power on

The camera will turn on the minute you turn the key (provided it’s connected to power). If your car has a constant power supply 12V socket you can set the camera to continually record. This means it can record what happens to your vehicle even when you are away from it.

Parking Mode

The sensors on the MiVue 538 can detect movement at the front of the car and trigger auto recording. Ideal if you’re in a parking space and someone knocks or reverses into your car.

Photo Mode

Switch the camera to photo mode to capture photo evidence to support your claim.

HD Output

You can connect to an HD TV or monitor to watch videos on a larger screen.

Memory Cards

The recorder supports MicroSD cards with up to 32GB capacity (not included). You are advised to use a memory card with at least 8GB capacity. Hold the card by the edges and gently insert it into the slot with the label facing the front of your Mio. To remove a card, gently push the top edge of the card inwards to release it, and pull it out of the slot.

Note: You are advised to use Class 6 MicroSD cards. There is no memory card included with this product.

Note: Before you start recording, please format the MicroSD card to avoid malfunction caused by files not created by MiVue. You can format the card on your computer or on MiVue (pressing the Menu key when recording is not in progress and then select the format feature).

MiVue Manager

Access your videos and GPS data on your computer. You can share your videos to YouTube and Facebook, or track your journey on Google Maps while you watch the video.

  • Mio MiVue 538 dash cam
  • Carry bag
  • Car charger

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You can get help & support along with software updates and a copy of the user manual from the Mio support website.


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