Thinkware Dash Cam X550
Thinkware Dash Cam X550
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Thinkware Dash Cam X550 (Front & Rear Cameras) - Fitted

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New generation Thinkware Dash Cam with Road Safety technology, full HD recording and Dual-Save memory. 2 cameras record both front and rear of the vehicle.
  • Front and rear cameras included
  • Built-in GPS
  • Road Safety Alerts
  • Dual-save technology

Product description

NOTE: This camera is only available as a professionally fitted product as it requires hardwiring into your vehicle's electrical system.

The Thinkware X550 is part of the new generation of dash cams from the world’s leading brand. It’s packed with the latest features and technology designed to improve driver safety and road awareness. Thinkware Dash Cams have become an increasingly popular choice with motorist to provide witness to accidents, road range incidents and car crime. The X550 is supplied with a 32GB memory card (maximum 64GB supported).

Front and Rear Cameras

Record more of the road around you with two full 1080P HD cameras.

Full HD Recording

The Sony Exmor CMOS records in full 1080P HD at 30fps for clear detailed video footage. You’ll capture more the road with the 140 degree wide angle lens..

Built-in GPS

GPS features record the date, time, location, speed and direction of travel with each video to provide additional evidence should you need it. .

2.7” LCD Screen

The built-in screen allows you to watch video footage without the need for a computer. Ideal for times when you need to show it law enforcement at the roadside.

Road Safety Warning System

A range of technologies designed to increase driver awareness and safety:

Lane Departure Warning alerts you if you drift out lane.

Front Vehicle Departure Warning will alert you if the vehicle in front starts to pull off and you don’t follow. Useful at traffic lights and junctions.

Forward Collision Alert will sound an alarm if you start to get too close to the vehicle in front.

Safety Camera Alerts

Allow you to manage your speed and let you know where red light and speed cameras are located.

Super Night Vision

Uses new image correction technology to improve the night time recording quality of the camera.

Parking Mode

Parking mode provides power to your camera even when the ignition is turned off so any impact incident can still be recorded. Time lapse functions allow improved recording efficiency.

Note: You will need to choose to have this fitted in order to use this function as it requires a dedicated hardwire power cable.

Time Lapse

Recording activates during parking mode to extend the recording time and make searching through video easier.

Dual Save

If you are involved in an impact the built in G-Sensor will activate Dual Save. This means that the video segment of the impact will be copied to a second internal memory area to reduce the chance of loss.

Thermal Protection Mode

If your camera gets too hot this built in safety feature will sound an alert and trigger the automated self-protection mode.

Format Free Technology

This technology reduces the need for regular formatting of memory cards to maintain recording performance.

Windows and Mac Viewer

Use the Windows and Mac Viewer software to manage your camera and recordings through your computer.

Part of our extensive range of car dash cams available to purchase online.

Recording times are approximate and based on full 1080P recording at 30 fps

Front only

16GB SD Card - 124 minutes

32GB SD Card - 248 minutes

64GB SD Card - 496 minutes

Front and Rear Recording

16GB SD Card - 62 minutes

32GB SD Card - 124 minutes

64GB SD Card - 248 minutes

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