Thinkware Dash Cams and Dashboard Cameras

A dashboard camera is a specialised surveillance system that is designed to monitor and record as you’re driving. Usually mounted to the windscreen of your car using a suction cup or adhesive tape, the camera will turn on automatically when the ignition starts, actively recording footage as it goes with an auto-looping function.

Some may also opt for an additional rear facing dash camera for extra security. Dash cams are designed with built-in impact detention which means that only the important footage of the incident will be saved.

The roads in the UK aren’t quite as safe as we’d all like them to be and dash cams have become a big part of motoring safety in recent years. There are many variations of the standard camera available to suit any budget, so it’s easy to see why.

As the latest in-car camera technology to keep you safer on the road; dash cams are designed to record and log evidence that can protect you against things like fraudulent insurance claims.

Benefits of installing a dash cam:

  • Installing a dashboard camera can help protect your no claims bonus should you have an accident – you can simply download the recorded footage from your camera and hand it over to the police or insurance company.
  • In the unfortunate event an accident does occur, it can often be difficult for those involved to recall important details due to the shock and stress, so a dash camera can play a crucial role in providing reliable evidence.
  • In addition to the more pragmatic reasons for owning a car cam, some models also allow you to capture scenic footage of your journey from holidays and stills using a snapshot feature.

Who are Thinkware?

Thinkware are an innovative global brand, specialising in location-based services and smart in-car technologies such as high performance dash cams. Formed in 1997, Thinkware has established a wide distribution network around the world and are now a leading brand in dash cam technology across every continent. Having gained a strong foothold in technology rich countries such as Japan, Thinkware invest heavily in research and development, ensuring they always remain at the forefront of the dashboard camera market.

What makes Thinkware dash cams different to the rest?

Thinkware dashboard cameras go through some of the most rigorous testing in the industry. Each camera must pass 144 different tests including exterior durability, electrostatic discharge, UV durability and operational tests to determine how the camera performs under extreme temperatures and humidity. These tests are done to ensure that your dashboard cam performs consistently in any possible condition.

Often described as being discreet and exceptionally clear, Thinkware dashboard cameras have been developed to fit neatly in to a space for optimum visibility without being obstructive for the driver. This has then been coupled with high definition video recording with night vision capabilities to give the best possible output.

All Thinkware dash cams record at 30fps without dropping a single frame and because of this, you can rely on your device to capture each moment of your journey without issue. This makes them not only suitable for delivering credible evidence in the event of an accident, but also makes them the perfect companion for travel enthusiasts who want to capture high quality mementos of their trip. Some models also have a time lapse function, adding a new, more artistic edge to a recording.

Some Thinkware dash cams such as the F770 and F750 models also have additional features to help protect you:

Dual Save Technology

As well as top quality recordings, some Thinkware dash cam models also have the Dual Save Technology function which means each cam is specially designed to save recorded footage to both the Micro SD card and the internal memory. This acts as a safeguard against any possible loss of data in the aftermath of a serious accident.

If the memory card should get damaged, the Dual Save Technology means there’s always going to be a backup copy stored internally. Many of the Thinkware dash cams are also WIFI enabled, making it even easier to control the camera functions and share with friends.

Road Safety Warning System

Another unique feature of many Thinkware dash cams, is the Road Safety Warning System which incorporates a Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) and a Front Collision Warning System (FCWS).

Drowsiness or distraction while driving will greatly increase the chances of having an accident, the Lane Departure Warning System will immediately alert the driver when the vehicle goes off lane, avoiding any potential accidents.

The Front Collision Warning System calculate the average distance from the vehicle in front and informs the driver using a voice warning when reaching the minimum range for safe breaking distance to avoid an accident.

How much does a Thinkware dash cam cost?

The cost of Thinkware dash cameras can vary depending on your requirements, an entry level model such as the F50 starts at just £79 including memory card. Though the F50 is an entry level dash cam model, you certainly get a lot of bang for your buck. With 1080p Full HD recording for clear and concise imagery and G-sensor incident detection.

At the other end of the pricing spectrum, is the outstanding X550. Priced at £328 with professional fitting included, it comes fully loaded with features such as front and rear facing dash cameras, built-in GPS, super night vision to improve night time recording quality and parking mode so even if the ignition is switched off, any impact will still be recorded.

What do people think about Thinkware dash cams?

There is little doubt in the loyalty Thinkware dashboard cameras have. Consistent high scoring in independent reviews, Thinkware have proven themselves to be a popular choice amongst dash cam users. They achieve this through high quality products, listening to what users want and delivering through innovation and development. In recent years, Thinkware dash cams have won numerous industry awards for innovative design, cementing their reputation and confirming why they’re a leader in their field.

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