These in-car cameras have been popular on the continent for a long time, but have only recently become commonplace in the UK. There are a range of different cameras available, at different price points, depending on the sorts of features you are looking for. If you have not purchased an in-car camera yet, then now is a good time to do so. Here’s a quick look at some of the reasons why you need a dash cam.

Peace of Mind

Fraudulent insurance claims and ‘crash for cash’ scams are becoming increasingly common. Having a dash cam fitted means that if you are ever involved in a traffic accident, attacked while in your car, or witness a crime while driving, you will be able to hand over the footage to the police as evidence. If you are a cautious driver, and driving is an important part of your job, then having this option as a back-up will reduce the stress you feel on the road. Just like insurance, footage is something that you hope you will never need, but that you will be glad of should the worst ever happen.

Reduced Insurance Costs

Some insurance companies have started offering discounts of up to ten percent for people who have dash cams fitted. These insurance providers believe that people who are willing to have a dash cam fitted are, like people with ‘black boxes’ to monitor their driving, generally more experienced, confident and competent drivers than the average person.

Careful drivers are involved in fewer traffic accidents, so it makes sense to offer a discount to them. Currently, only a handful of insurers do this, and the ones that do it have specific requirements for the type of camera that should be fitted, but more and more companies are offering such deals so it is something that will be worth considering in future.

Teaching a Learner Driver

If you are a driving instructor, or even just an experienced driver looking to teach friends and family how to drive, then having a dash cam could be highly beneficial. As well as offering protection should another driver cause an accident, it’s useful for replaying footage to the learner and helping them understand why they should or should not do certain things on the road.

Road Trip Fun

When you drive long distances you see all sorts of crazy things. Why not capture those things on video, so that you can review them later, and include them in a montage with the other things you get up to on the trip. The cameras are recording all the time while the car is moving, and you can simply press a button to save the most recent footage if something exciting happens.

If you are still wondering to yourself, “should I get a dashcam?” then the answer is most definitely “Yes!” Exactly which camera depends on how much driving you do, and whether your insurance company offers discounts for owners of certain types of camera. However, the benefits of having a camera in your car are numerous, and not just for people who are worried about being in driving accidents.

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