Fitted Car DAB Radio Upgrades

Enjoy a wider range of radio stations and better audio quality with a DAB radio upgrade for your car. Digital Audio Broadcasting is the future of radio, and is ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time driving. Get rid of interference and enjoy better sound, more choice, and more information about broadcasts on your radio’s on-screen display. Buy a DAB radio from the RAC shop today.

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If you spend a lot of time driving, you have probably found yourself feeling frustrated with FM radio. Upgrading to DAB will mean the end of poor signals, limited station choices, and other irritations. The benefits of DAB radio include:

  • More stations to choose from – DAB includes FM stations and a number of digital exclusive ones too.
  • Easier to find your station – choose from stations by name, instead of having to ‘tune in’.
  • Better quality – digital broadcasts are less vulnerable to background noise and interference.
  • More information as you listen – get show listings, song and artist names, headlines and sporting news on screen
  • Pause and Rewind – many DAB radios allow you to pause and rewind a live radio broadcast, so you don’t have to miss a second.

Upgrade Your Existing Radio

There are two ways of listening to DAB radio. You can replace your radio with a new DAB unit, or you can simply upgrade your existing radio. Upgrades like the AutoDAB Connect attach to your current car stereo, and contain a digital antenna which can pick up DAB radio signals and play them through your existing speaker set. If you have a good in-car entertainment system and high quality speakers, and don’t want to replace everything, then this makes sense. Changing channels is done through a simple and unobtrusive remote control.

Alternatively, you can purchase a new DAB Radio to replace your existing unit, and have a digital antenna fitted. The DAB radio upgrades do include an internal antenna, however if you have a heat reflective windshield you may find that this degrades the signals. Some sat navs and wireless dash cams can cause RF interference too, so you may need to fit an external antenna to overcome this.  

DAB radio coverage is limited in certain parts of the country, too, so if you spend a lot of time in a low coverage area, you may want to get an external antenna. The installer will be able to offer advice as to whether you would benefit from this.

Professional Fitting Service

We offer a professional fitting service for all our DAB Radio upgrades. When you purchase the system, you will have the option of having Chameleon, our installation partners, come out to fit it for you.  There is no charge for this service. An installation specialist from Chameleon Group Ltd will come to your home or office and install, test and demonstrate the radio for you. All that they require is that you leave your car in an off-road location so that they can work on your car safely.

If you are leaving your car in an office car park, or anywhere else where you are not the land owner, please confirm that you have permission for a third party to work on your car in that location, before arranging the fitting appointment.