Bluetooth Car Kits

We’ve all been using Bluetooth for years, from your laptop to those over-the-ear headsets that everyone has owned at one point or another. These days many cars are actually being built with Bluetooth-enabled stereos which means there’s no longer any need for those long aux cables or Star Trek style Bluetooth headsets. Instead, you securely connect your phone to your car to stream your favourite playlists, take calls hands-free and even sync your satnav.

What are the Benefits of In-Car Bluetooth?

Whilst Bluetooth means you can avoid the radio and listen to your own choice of tunes whilst you’re on the move, it also has some serious benefits too. As you already know using your mobile phone whilst driving is illegal. Doing so could see you planted with a hefty fine of up to £60, 3 points on your licence and even see you lose your licence. A hands-free Bluetooth car kit makes touching your phone a thing of the past – instead, you can make phone calls using voice commands and switch backwards and forwards between albums or music tracks using the control which can often be fitted to the dash or your steering wheel.

So, How Much Do Bluetooth Kits Cost?

When it comes to the price of Bluetooth car kits you can be looking in the range of anything from £40 up to £350. As with almost everything tech-related, it’s worth spending as much as you can afford to on your Bluetooth kits – the more expensive models are much more hardwearing, have higher quality components, have longer warranty periods, more features and often include professional installation in the total cost. This means that you won’t be replacing your unit every year and will be able to enjoy your Bluetooth system for many, many years!

One of our personal favourites comes from Parrot. The MKi 9200 Bluetooth car kit is a seriously nifty piece of kit. It’s perfect for those who are looking for a Bluetooth kit which offers excellent call and music quality.

The MKi 9200 also features a 2.4” colour display which displays system information, caller ID, playlist information and album art – so you can see everything at a glance. You can also make calls via voice controls and using the wireless remote control which can be fitted to your dash or steering wheel – how James Bond is that?

What’s even better is that up to two phones can be paired with this particular device which is great news for those of us who have a personal and business phone, or when you can’t decide who has better taste in music!

Bet your old Bluetooth headset couldn’t do that, could it? Whilst these kits offer plenty of extra features to get you on your way to hands free, if you fancy something a little more comprehensive then perhaps multimedia system should be next on your shopping list.

Multimedia Car Systems

Multimedia car systems are like the Bluetooth kits big brother – they’ve just had a little longer to pick up a few extra attributes along the way. These systems provide an all-in-one solution for your in-car entertainment and navigational needs. Offering a combination of the traditional hands free phone system and music streaming as well as sat nav, there’s a lot to love! With the majority of multimedia car systems you can also connect them to the internet using built-in WiFi, smartphone tethering or by connecting a 3G or 4G broadband dongle.

What are the Benefits of Installing a Multimedia Car System?

As with a Bluetooth kit, a multimedia car system allows you to enjoy the benefits of hands free calls and music streaming. However, a multimedia kit offers you a step up from this with a built in sat nav, internet access, plenty of apps, and full access to your contacts and music library. Multimedia systems often feature much larger screens that Bluetooth kits which is great for those who want a clearer picture.

How Much Do Multimedia Car Costs Cost?

When it comes to price it all comes down to the model you buy. As they have more features than Bluetooth kits, prices tend to start from about £100 and can go all the way up to well over £1,000! When it comes to multimedia kits, mid-range will be suitable for the majority of your needs, unless you require something super fancy. The Parrot Asteroid Tablet always comes very highly recommended. Boasting a 5” touch screen it provides a hands free phone system, music streaming capabilities, built-in WiFi and app store which will allow you to download driver assistance apps such as sat nav and internet radio. The built-in voice control also allows you to find and play music or even make phone calls without having to touch a single button. It also comes with a wireless remote control unit and the price includes a professional fitter coming out to you to fit the device!

The Parrot Asteroid Mini Multimedia System is also one of our most popular in-car entertainment products. Boasting all of the same features as its bigger brother (excluding the build-in WiFi), the mini Parrot Asteroid has a slightly smaller 3.2” screen – perfect for those who want something a little more compact.

How Easy are These to Install?

If your car doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity then fear not – there are plenty of Bluetooth car kits available on the market which can quickly and easily be fitted to your vehicle. In fact, when you purchase a Bluetooth or multimedia kit from the RAC shop, we’ll come out and fit it for you at no extra cost!

That’s right we come to you so there’s no need to wait around at a garage whilst we fit it. One of our trained technicians will be more than happy to come to your home or the office and fit it for you whilst you carry on with your day.

If you fancy giving it a go yourself, then most people find Bluetooth and multimedia kits relatively quick and easy to install with a DIY installation time of anything up to an hour However, we’d always recommend getting a pro in to do the job for you – it takes less time and you often have the added benefit of a fitting guarantee.

If you require any assistance in choosing the right in-car entertainment for your vehicle then please do get in touch with our team who are more than happy to offer advice and recommendations based on your needs and budget.

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