Just because radio signals aren’t set to go digital until the end of the decade doesn’t means that you can’t jump on the bandwagon early. Digital radios have been a staple in the home for years now – so why not in your car, too?

The majority of older cars are fitted with traditional FM radios, but for music or sport lovers making the upgrade to an in-car DAB radio is well worth it. There are so many great reasons to go digital; with higher sound quality and a greater range of stations you open up a whole world of new listening opportunities.

On top of your usual FM stations such as Radio One, BBC Three and your own local stations with a digital radio you can also listen to favourite like Absolute Radio which offers you a fantastic mix of the 80s, 90s, 00’s; Kiss and it’s eclectic mix of current tracks and old school favourites; and Planet Rock with its guitar driven melodic rock. Radio 5 Live which can be frustratingly fuzzy and hard to hear on AM is suddenly crystal clear.

DAB radios are also much easier to use than traditional FM radios as there’s no need to remember the frequencies or wavelength of your favourite stations. Now you just choose the station name from a list of predefined channels. Some radios even show you the artist names and track titles on screen – great for those of us who love to stay on top of the charts.

There are a couple of ways you can go about getting digital radio in your car. In some cars a full radio swap might be possible but this can be costly as your radio may be integrated and required to use your car’s on-board computer.

The best way to get digital radio in your car is with a conversion kit like this AutoDAB Connect. These handy devices will quickly, and easily, convert your traditional FM radio in to a digital radio – allowing you to gain all the benefits of digital without replacing the entire unit.

Whilst digital radios are relatively easy to install, when you purchase your upgrade from the RAC we include fitting in the price and will send a professional out to your home or work address to install, test, and demonstrate how to use your new radio. So what are you waiting for, go digital today!

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