Universal Mobile Phone Car Charger Pack
Universal Mobile Phone Car Charger Pack
Universal Mobile Phone Car Charger Pack
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Universal Mobile Phone Car Charger Pack

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The ideal universal car charger pack with connectors for most mobile phone brands.

Product description

This compact, universal in car charger allows you to power and charge your portable devices, including most major smartphones, via a 12-24V DC car or van power socket. Perfect for use with tablet devices such as iPads and can also charge many popular MP3 players like iPods as well as mobile phones from nearly all leading brands.

Mobile phones are an essential accessory for most people in the modern world so having an exhausted battery can be a real problem, whether you’re a business commuter or just someone on a normal drive. For families who have different phones, getting a variety of in car chargers can end up being quite expensive so this single universal car charger that can be used for a wide range of devices is a great solution.

Universal car charger pack compatibility:

  • Apple Series (Except iPhone 5)
  • HTC (Mini USB) Series
  • LG (Chocolate) Series
  • Micro USB (Motorola V8 / Blackberry 9500 / Nokia 8600) Series
  • Mini USB ( Motorola V3) Series
  • Nokia 2mm (Nokia 6101) Series
  • Samsung (D900-D800) Series
  • Samsung (G600) Series
  • Sony Ericsson K750i Series

Please note that this universal in car charger does not contain an iPhone 5 adapter, but can be used to charge other Apple devices including iPads, iPods and an iPhone 4 or earlier model. Micro USB and mini USB chargers can also be used to charge a variety of other devices including different brands of dedicated MP3 players, sat navs and other portable media devices.

To use the charger, just place the socket into the power socket in your car or van, select the type of adapter you need for your device, connect and go – it really is that simple. Remember not to leave your device charging once the battery is full, as this can damage the lifespan of the battery in the long term.

Always be safe when using entertainment devices in cars – a universal car charger will keep your mobile phones, tablets and MP3 players running but you should ensure that you are not distracted by very loud music or talking on a phone while you are driving, for safety reasons. Be careful when using electronic devices in the car – especially phones, which can be a distraction even with a headset. If you do need to make a phone call always use a Bluetooth or hands free kit. Although many smartphones include GPS functionality it is often safer to use a dedicated satellite navigation device with a fully up to date map to make sure you don’t get lost.

5 out of 5
works well and as wife and i have different phones can charge both

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