PARROT CK3100 Advanced Bluetooth Handsfree Kit
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PARROT CK3100 Advanced Bluetooth Handsfree Kit

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CK3100 Advanced Bluetooth Handsfree Kit

Product description

The Parrot CK3100 is more than just a Bluetooth handsfree kit - It allows you to integrate your entire phonebook, and music into your car. With the Parrot CK3100 LCD, you will be able to place and receive calls in comfort and safety, without ever touching your mobile phone. The wireless connection between the Parrot CK3100 LCD and the Bluetooth phone and its voice recognition system is enabled as long as the phone is turned on. At a time when legislation is tightening up to restrict the use of mobile phones in vehicles due to safety concerns, Parrot CK3100 LCD benefits are not just for the sake of convenience and comfort - they are fast becoming a real necessity.

  • Phonebook Upload
  • Caller ID Display (compatible handsets only)
  • LCD Dot Matrix mono-colour display
  • Simple to use Browser Button with 2 button control
  • Unidirectional microphone - Provides voice recognition dialing of up to 150 names.

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