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Sat Nav & GPS

Drive with confidence even when you are a long way from home with our range of sat nav systems, accident recorders and other GPS enabled devices.

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TomTom 6100 World - lifetime maps & traffic TomTom 6100 World - lifetime maps & traffic image RRP: £299.99 Our price: £260.00

TomTom Trucker 6000 EU - Lifetime Maps TomTom Trucker 6000 EU - Lifetime Maps image RRP: £319.99 Our price: £288.99


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Sat Navs

Sat nav & GPS technology has become an integral part of our lives today, not only on our smart phones and tablets, but also in our vehicles, providing directions and live traffic updates to road users every day.

Using satellite signals to identify your vehicle’s current position, direction of travel and the distance to your required destination, your car sat nav then uses its stored road network data to identify recommended routes, provide directions and display route-related information on screen.

Your sat nav will then provide you with clear spoken instructions, often with lane assistance to inform you of the appropriate lane to be in before it’s too late.

If you are driving in a new area, then your satellite navigation system could save you a lot of the stress that often comes with driving on unfamiliar roads by providing you with the best way to reach your desired destination safely. Whether you are travelling to a location in the UK that you haven’t been to before, are planning a route for your Sunday drive, or want to drive your car across Europe, sat navs can help you to plan your journey and enable you to drive with confidence.

Modern satellite navigation systems are equipped with various functions that offer more than simply a route between two locations. Many sat navs are also able to direct you to the nearest points of interest, service stations and petrol garages, let you know when you’re approaching a fixed speed camera and offer voice recognition.

Many will provide you with a choice of routes to your chosen destination, enabling you to pick between the shortest route to keep your mileage down, or the quickest route to get you there fastest.

In fact, investing in a satellite navigation system for your car could even save you money by cutting down on fuel costs as it diverts your journey to avoid traffic jams and finds the shortest routes, putting you back on route quickly if you get lost or make a wrong turning.

Another key benefit of a portable satellite navigation system is that it can be shared between multiple vehicles, can be used in any car and is easy to store and transport, so no matter what vehicle you are travelling in you are able to enjoy safer and more relaxed driving.