Philips 32 GB MicroSD card
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Philips 32 GB MicroSD Card with adaptor - class 10

Code S8157
Reviews (3) 4.5 out of 5
Add this memory card to your dash cam, sat nav, or smartphone to upgrade the memory and store more videos, photos and music.
  • 32GB Storage space
  • Includes SD adaptor card
  • Ideal for dash cams, sat navs and smartphones
  • Micro SDHC Class 10 compatible

Product description

Upgrade your device memory with a bigger memory card

You can use this Philips 32GB MicroSD memory card to upgrade the memory in your dash cam, sat nav, smartphone or other portable device (where supported). This memory card meets Class 10 specifications and should be compatible with most devices. This pack also includes an SD adaptor which allows you read the files stored on the card on desktop PCs and laptops that have an SD card slot.

Most dash cams are supplied with smaller memory cards, or no card at all. This means you can only store a small amount of video. Add this card to your device to store several hours more of video footage.

MicroSD Card Specificiations

  • Micro SDHC Class 10
  • Writes up to 10MB/s
  • Reads up to 18MB/s
  • Includes adapter to SD
  • 32GB Storage
4 out of 5
5 out of 5
I have not used the SD Card as I am still awaiting for the main item to arrive
4 out of 5
Why wasn't the power input socket at the bottom, instead of the top? I find it difficult to get my fingers onto the buttons when the camera is in situ Otherwise seems to be working OK..

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