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We stock a large selection of Garmin and TomTom sat navs. Garmin and TomTom are two of the most trusted navigation and dash display makers, offering up-to date maps, clear displays, and handy features such as traffic information and journey time estimates. Travel with confidence even in unfamiliar areas with a Garmin or TomTom from the RAC store. Make the right choice of sat nav for you using our handy sat nav comparison table.

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A sat nav is a must-have device for anyone that does a lot of driving. While occasional drivers can get away with using their phones mapping and GPS features, most people do not have a full map of the UK or Europe on their smartphone, so they run the risk of being caught with no signal, struggling to download map data, or having the GPS get confused while they are in built-up areas. Using a dedicated sat nav helps to prevent those problems.

Why Choose TomTom or Garmin

These sat navs do far more than just get you from A to B. The offer the best in ease of use and convenience, with clear displays, easy to navigate menus, and a selection of different mapping options and screen sizes. Some of the higher end models offer additional features such as Speak and Go, which allow you to make hands-free calls over Bluetooth.

Maps You Can Depend On

Perhaps the biggest thing that sets dedicated sat navs such as the Garmin and TomTom apart from more basic models is the quality of the maps. With these high quality sat navs you get a subscription to a maps package that is regularly updated, so you can be confident that your sat nav will get you to your destination on time and with minimal hassle.

Thanks to features like Eco Route, you can choose the most fuel-efficient route for each journey, and you can get live traffic updates that will help you to avoid congestion, traffic jams and hazards.

With lifetime traffic updates offered on many models, and easy map updates, these sat navs ensure that you will get to your destination as quickly as possible, and never find yourself lost in the UK or Europe.

Sat Navs and Dash Cams

Choose from a range of portable sat navs that you can transfer to any vehicle, complete with handy carrying cases for safe storage and transportation, as well as combination sat nav and dash cam kits that will help you to drive with confidence, safe in the knowledge that should you be involved in a traffic incident, you will have footage that you can use to prove that the incident was not your fault. Dash cam owners can often take advantage of discounts on their insurance premiums, because insurers have found that they tend to be more responsible drivers.

Pick up a Garmin or TomTom today from the RAC store for the best in navigation and mapping features.