Jumping Night Buzz
Jumping Night Buzz
Jumping Night Buzz

Parrot Minidrone Evo - Jumping Night Buzz (White)

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Jumping Night Buzz is a new minidrone from Parrot that has LED lights for night use. It jumps, rolls and records video.

Product description

Jimping Night is part of the second generation of Parrot Minidrones. Have great adventures both day and night with this ultra-stable wheeled drone. Based on the popular Jumping Sumo drone, this new version has two powerful LED lights that light the way in the dark. Great for night time adventures. The LEDs can be made to flash in animated sequences.

Pilot the drone with your tablet or smartphone via the Free Flight 3 app and it will roll, zig zag, circle, and leap up to 80cm in the air. The built in video camera lets you pilot and also record video to internal memory.

Available as three characters:

  • Buzz (White)
  • Diesel (Black)
  • Marshall (Red)

Spin, jump and roll

Jumper Mode: jumps 80cm / 2.5ft in the air and always lands the right way up. Kick Mode: allows the drone to push objects in its path.

Acrobatic moves

You can use the internal memory to pre-program acrobatic moves and stunts using the Road Plan feature.

Adjustable wheels

Open wheel mode: gives greater stability in high speed racing. Retracted mode: the wheels pull close for grace and elegance in tight spaces.


  • Max. Speed: 4 mph
  • Max. Jump Height: 80cm / 2.5ft
  • Internal Memory: 4GB
  • Battery Life: 20 minutes - fast charge in 25 minutes (with a 2.6A charger, not included)

View the official Parrot Jumping Night video

If you need help and support with your Parrot Minidrone please visit the Parrot Support Website

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