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The Smart-i Wireless Home Security & automation system is a new generation of technology that integrates and alarm, CCTV and control of electrical devices in the home. All this is done by a smartphone app even if you're away. Ideal for monitoring your garage, driveway, garden and inside the house. It can also be used to protect your office or business premises. To get you started you can choose one of four starter kits, and then add sensors, cameras, power control sockets, and sirens. The system is designed to be modular so you can build the perfect solution to suit your needs.

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Protect your property and give yourself peace of mind that your home is secure and your family are safe with this easy to use, extensive home monitoring, security and alerting service. The Smart-i smart home system is more than just a burglar alarm, it is a collection of modular products that will link all of the devices in your home to one central system which you can control with your smartphone, so you are always aware of what’s going on in your home.

Easy to Install and Use

The Smart-I home security system is easy to set up, and allows you to control your lighting, electrical devices, heating, and security system.

The SmartBox Gateway can connect to up to 24 detection and power devices, as well as four cameras. Throughout the day it will send you emails and push notifications so that you can get updates via your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, or on your PC, staying informed about the status of everything in your home. The SmartBox Gateway will also respond to commands that you send to it.

There are several versions of the kit to choose from. The starter kit includes an Internal Cube Camera and three motion sensors, as well as surface mounted magnetic contacts to detect the opening of windows and doors. It also comes with an external strobe and siren alarm unit, and a key fob to allow you to control the alarm system locally.

There are higher end versions of the kit that include 720p Bullet cameras, power control sockets and more.

Always Connected

With the Smart-i Smart Home Security System, you can send messages to the SmartBox to control your heating and lighting, and check whether certain sockets are drawing power – ideal for checking whether or not you remembered to turn the television off when you went out, or turning the heating on if it has been an unusually cold day.

The system is completely modular. You can buy the starter kit and then add cameras, repeaters, motion sensors and power control sockets as you wish to suit the layout of your home and your own personal needs or preferences. This means that even if you want a full, sophisticated wireless house you can spread the cost over time.

Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

This home security product offers so much more than a standard burglar alarm. You can connect to the gateway to view CCTV footage, get alerts if anything unusual happens or a sensor is triggered while you are away from home, and control the system remotely.

The potential is limitless. If you are going to be late home from work you can check the alarm system to see if it was disarmed around the time that your teenage child got home from school, for example, reassuring yourself that all is well. While you’re on holiday you can relax, content in the knowledge that you will get updates from the alarm sent to your inbox – or check the CCTV yourself if you need to put your mind at rest. The smart home is no longer ‘the future’ – it’s here, and it works well.