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RAC Headlamp Beam Convertors & GB Sticker

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Headlamp beam convertor main
Headlamp beam convertor - pack contents

  • Required when driving in Europe
  • Suits all vehicles

If you’re planning a trip to Europe with your car, van or lorry then you’ll need to fit Euro Headlamp Convertors when you arrive on the continent. UK vehicles have headlamps that are configured for driving on the left hand side of the road and prevent dazzling other drivers at night.

In Europe you will be driving on the right hand side which means your headlights will dazzle on-coming traffic which is dangerous and illegal.

RAC Headlamp Convertors are easy to fit and safely direct your headlight beam away from on-coming traffic.

You also need a GB sticker clearly visible on the rear of your vehicle, caravan or trailer. We include one in this pack.

Free European Driving Leaflet

To help you meet local traffic laws and rules we include a free advice leaflet which covers 40 countries and includes information on:

  • Speed limits
  • Alcohol limits
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Safety Advice
  • Other travel information

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