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Winter driving kits

Look after yourself and your car this winter. Keep an RAC winter driving kit in your car at all times.

Winter driving kits

Driving in the middle of winter can be a dangerous task. Ideally, when the weather starts getting bad you should limit your driving to essential or urgent journeys only. Here at the RAC we understand that people do sometimes need to drive when it is icy or snowing heavily, and we have the tools you need to ensure that your journeys go as smoothly as possible.

We sell a selection of winter driving kits that contain everything you need to stay safe when driving while it is cold and icy. In addition, we sell individual kit items including antifreeze, torches, warning triangles, high visibility gear, snow tyres and more. All you need to add is a fully charged mobile phone.

Before you start driving in the winter, you should pack a winter survival kit into your car boot, and make sure that you have tackled all urgent car maintenance tasks. Do not attempt to drive in the snow or ice if your car's battery is running down or your tyres do not have enough tread on them. It is all too easy to get stranded in the winter, or lose control of your car and end up in a serious accident.

Our winter driving kits will help you to prepare your car for difficult journeys. If you are not sure what sort of maintenance tasks you need to do, be sure to check out our range of car maintenance manuals and driving related books, which include titles for drivers of all levels of experience.