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Travel & touring

Stock up on the accessories and equipment that you will need for your next holiday today. The RAC travel and touring range includes maps, storage, accessories and safety kits for all kinds of journeys.

Best sellers in travel & breakdown

Travel and touring

Long distance travel places a lot of stress on both you and your car. Before you embark on any long journey, you should service your car and stock up on essential spare parts, first aid kits, and other accessories. Here at the RAC we have everything you need for your next road trip, holiday or business trip.

When driving in Europe, it is important that you learn the legislation of each country you are heading to. Many countries require you to carry spare bulbs, snow chains and other items that are not required in the UK. It is good practice to keep a first aid kit and a basic breakdown kit with jump leads, warning triangles and other spares in your car at all times.

Essential gear for leisure travellers

Make your holidays less stressful by getting the right gear before you travel. We offer pet carriers, seat covers, harnesses and leads to keep your family pet safe and comfortable in the car, as well as baby and child accessories, sun shades and seat covers to keep the humans in your family comfortable too. We also have a range of Bluetooth accessories, including hands-free kits for your mobile phone, and in-car entertainment to keep the your children entertained on long journeys.

If you want to carry sporting equipment, do so safely with our roof boxes and bars, straps, and towing products. Carrying a heavy load on your car can be dangerous if the load is not secured properly. At the RAC we provide you with the right straps and carrying kits to keep your load secure so you can stay safe on the road.