Vehicle First Aid Kit
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Vehicle First Aid Kit in Nylon Case

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Vehicle first aid kit designed for motorists. Required in most EU countries.

Product description

The vehicle first aid kid is designed for motorists to keep in their vehicles. The contents are designed to allow first aid to be given in minor incidents on the road until a trained paramedic team arrives. In some European countries it is a legal requirement for drivers to carry first aid kits in their vehicles. If you drive in Europe then you should keep one of these kits in your car.

Vehicle First Aid Kit Contains

1 X First Aid Guidance Leaflet
2 X Sterile Dressing
2 X Triangular Bandage
1 X Microporous Tape
12 X Safety Pins
2 X Eyewash Pod 20ml
2 X Clinical Waste Bags Self Seal
1 X Vehicle Windscreen Sticker
2 X Non Adherent dressings
10 X Moist Wipes (Alcohol Free)
20 X Washproof plasters
1 X Pair of vinyl gloves
1 X Nylon Case

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