Polco 12v analogue tyre inflator

Code 59550
Reviews (1) 4 out of 5

Product description

Use the 12v analogue tyre inflator to keep your tyre pressure at the recommended levels. Making this part of your regular car care routine will extend the life of your tyres and also improve fuel efficiency. The digital display makes it easy to monitor the tyre inflator’s pressure at a glance.

  • Comes with an analogue readout which measures in both PSI and BAR
  • Connectors for inflating balls, toys and other inflatables
  • Comes with a 12v vehicle electrics adapter
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Will inflate a tyre from flat to full in around 6 minutes
  • Small for easy storage

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You can view the user manual here.

4 out of 5
No frills, perfectly simple, easy to use. No complaints at all.

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