RAC Mediwrap Thermal Blanket Family Pack
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RAC Mediwrap Thermal Blanket Family Pack

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Keep your family warm & dry in a roadside breakdown with this thermal blanket pack.

Product description

Mediwrap thermal blankets

When you’re travelling in the car with your family this winter, drive with peace of mind knowing that if you break down, you can keep everyone safe, warm and visible until help arrives with these Mediwrap thermal blankets.

Breaking down is often a frightening experience, especially if you are on a busy road with fast-moving traffic.  In the event of a break down on a motorway, if you are unable to travel as far as the nearest exit to leave the road, it is recommended that you make your way to the hard shoulder and pull over as far to the left as possible, keeping your hazard and side lights on. Once your car is in a safe position, get all passengers out of the car and wait for help as far away from the carriageway as you can get, preferably behind a barrier. 

On any road, if you break down and fear that your car is at risk of being struck by passing traffic, you should remove yourself and your passengers from the vehicle and retreat to safety until professional help has arrived.  Do not attempt to make repairs yourself if you are in any way obstructing passing traffic or if you believe it to be unsafe. Never attempt to make repairs to your vehicle yourself on the motorway, even if you are stopped on the hard shoulder.

In winter, this may mean waiting in the cold for what might be a substantial period of time. With this RAC Mediwrap family kit, the whole family can keep warm and dry as you wait. It will also help you all to stay visible thanks to its reflective surface. 

Featuring a wind and waterproof shiny outer layer, a heat reflective core and a soft and absorbent lining, the thermal blankets keep you warm by keeping your body heat locked in.

This convenient family pack contains two adult-sized RAC Mediwrap thermal blankets and two smaller sized blankets for children.

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