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Maypole recovery towing strap - 2500KG

Code 6112
Reviews (2) 4.5 out of 5
This neat and compact towing strap can tow up to 2500 KG and includes on-tow sign.

Product description

Keep a towing strap or tow rope in your emergency breakdown kit to help tow your vehicle in an breakdown situation. Towing straps offer the same strength and pulling power of a traditional tow rop, but take up less space in the boot. The two straps are flat and roll up into a tight coil that is easily placed in a tool kit, or side pouch in your car. This Maypole recovery tow strap supports loads up to to 2500 KG. Each end of the strap is fitted with a forged steel hook that fits to the standard towing points on a vehicle.

Towing straps are 3.5m long, 5mm thick and include an “on tow” sign and red warning flag. A storage bag is included so you can keep your towing strap in one neat place between use.

Conforms to BSAU187:2000 standards.

4 out of 5
5 out of 5
Easy to stow, hope never to use it but if I do, it will be excellent. Easy to stow away with other safety gear on board. far better than the rope i carry, no knots to tie!

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