Alosense Blow Tubes pack

Alcosense Spare Blow Tube Pack

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Pack of 20 blow tubes for the Alcosense Lite or Elite digital breathalysers.

Product description

If you own an Alcosense Lite or Elite digital breathalyser then you will need to keep a pack of spare blow tubes to make the most of your breathalyser.  Use a fresh blow tube every time you use the breathalyser to:

  • Ensure increased accuracy by ensuring your full, and un-tainted breath sample passes accros the sensor.
  • Longer life – by using a blow tube you reduce the amount of saliva and other contaminants reaching the sensor. This extends the life of your breathalyser and time between calibrations.
  • Greater hygiene – always use a fresh tube whether it’s you, friends or family.

20 blow tubes

Use with Alcosense Lite or Elite digital breathalysers

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