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Cycle Safety Pack

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Save more when you buy these items together – normally £65.93

Product description

It’s always important for cyclists to be visible on the road, but it’s even more so as the days start to draw in for autumn and winter. To help you remain as visible as possible to other road users and motorists we’ve created our Autumn Cycle Safety Pack. We’ve selected a range of products from our cycling range to offer you this bundle at a discounted price. Each product is designed for visibility, safety and comfort.

Cycle Safety Pack Includes:

Adult High Vis Vest in fluorescent yellow with reflective strips to help you stand out on the road. – Normally £4.00

Cycle Light Set includes front and rear lights which you’ll need during dark mornings and evenings. Normally £14.99

Rucksack Cover – this reflective cover fits over most rucksacks to help traffic see you cycling on the road. Normally £ 14.99

RAC Headlight – a handy torch that you can fit over your head or helmet to improve your visibility. Normally £4.99

Cycle First Aid Pouch fits to your bike saddle and includes essential first aid items. Normally £10.99

Cycle Pump that attaches to your cross bar and lets you pump up your bike tyres after a puncture. Normally £4.99

Self-Sealing Puncture Repair Kit lets you fix a puncture and quickly get on with your journey. Normally £8.99

Hand Warmer Twin Pack, handy for warming up your hands after a winter bike ride. Normally £1.99


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