Streetwize Rear LED cycle light with laser road guidelines

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Rear LED bicycle light with laser guidelines that project onto the road for increased visibility.

Product description

This is a rear cycle light with a difference.

As the roads become more crowded with bicycles, cars, vans, and lorries it’s even more important for cyclists to take steps to be safe and seen. This rear cycle light is packed with features to make you visible to other road users.

  • 3 super bright LEDs can set to always-on, or flashing modes
  • 2 laser guidelines are projected onto the road at the rear of the cycle

The addition of the laser road guidelines increases safety by creating a visual “safe zone” on the road. They provide a clear indication to drivers of the minimum safe distance needed to aid safe road use.

Uses 2 x AAA batteries.

5 out of 5
A fantastic bit of safety kit for your bike, not just a nice bright rear light with three light functions but a very impressive separate function that puts two bright red highly visible lines on the road either side and to the rear of your bike indicating to other road users the safe distance for passing, brilliant.

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