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Driving in Europe

Many countries in mainland Europe have specific requirements for safety equipment that motorists must carry with them at all times. Our Driving in Europe range has everything you need to stay safe on the roads, and on the right side of the law.

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Driving in Europe?

European Breakdown cover for complete peace of mind when driving abroad

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Driving in Europe

Driving in Europe is a rather different experience to driving in the UK. In many European countries, you are required to carry extra safety equipment that is not usually carried by British motorists. If you are caught driving without that equipment, you may be given an on-the-spot fine. The RAC sells a selection of European driving kits, as well as a range of travel accessories that will help you to ensure that your next road trip goes smoothly.

British motorists driving in Europe should have a GB sticker on their car, and fit headlamp beam converters so that their lights will not dazzle other road users. Most European countries require motorists to carry a warning triangle and a high visibility jacket in the car, and many countries also require or recommend that motorists have a well-stocked first aid kit with them at all times. If you are driving in France, you will also need an NF approved breathalyser. Be sure to confirm the exact driving requirements for your destination before you begin your journey.

See our Driving in Europe advice section for guidance amd help to ensure that your road trip through Europe runs smoothly and safely.

Here at the RAC, we have everything you need to get ready for your trip to Europe. In addition to the mandatory safety equipment, we also have other breakdown kit products such as to ropes and in-car fire extinguishers, as well as snow chains and socks for winter driving, a range of handy travel accessories, and European maps and atlases to serve as a back-up just in case your GPS lets you down.

We also have accessories for keeping the children and other passengers entertained on long car journeys across the continent, such as a car iPad and tablet headrest mount so they can watch films or play games in the back of the car, and a travel kettle set with cups for making a quick cup of tea or coffee while you’re out and about. Simply plug in the kettle to your car’s lighter socket and enjoy a refreshing beverage.