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AlcoSense SINGLE Breathalyser Twin Pack (NF French Version)

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Keeping an approved NF breathalyser in your car is a legal requirement when driving in France.

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AlcoSense SINGLE Breathalyser Twin Pack (NF French Version)
AlcoSense SINGLE Breathalyser Twin Pack (NF French Version)

Two single use breathalysers from AlcoSense

The AlcoSense single is the world's most advanced single use breathalyser and is able to provide and effective screeening for alcohol levels in the system. This pocket-sized breathalyser is quick and easy to use, and small enough to fit in your glove compartment.

Breathalysers work by measuring the concentration of alcohol vapour in your breath. Alcohol evaporates from your blood stream as it passes through your lungs, so even if you haven’t had an alcoholic beverage since the night before, you may still be over the drink drive limit the next morning, as your body is still processing the alcohol that has been absorbed into your blood stream.

Around 3,000 people are killed or seriously injured in drink drive collisions every year, and 17% of drink drive prosecutions happen in the morning.* But an AlcoSense breathalyser is a great indicator for telling you when you’re ok to drive again.

Going to France? You need one

Since Spring 2012, it is illegal to drive in France without a breathalyser in your car. To comply with the law you must have an NF approved device, non-NF approved breathalysers do not comply with French law. AlcoSense Singles are one of only a couple of products worldwide to meet and exceed the NF standard.

January 2013 - Drivers in France have been required to carry a self-test breathalyser since July 2012 with enforcement by fines originally planned for 1 November but subsequently postponed to 1 March 2013. Now the French government has announced that the implementation of the sanction (fine) for drivers not carrying a breathalyser – a fine of €11 – has been postponed indefinitely.

AlcoSense Singles use a small blow bag to make sure the right volume of deep-lung air passes through the tester. Too little air equals a falsely low reading, too much equals a falsely high reading. Having the blow bag eliminates this issue and helps to give you one of the most accurate disposable breathalyser readings in the marketplace.

Get police level accuracy

AlcoSense Single derivatives are used by Police Forces in over 30 countries including the Police Nationale and Gendarmerie Nationale (Police) in France, so you can be assured that your results can be trusted. They provide quick and accurate road side screening and aid police in detecting drivers that are over the limit.

Clear results showing your level

AlcoSense Singles are the only single use breathalyser to not just tell you that you have alcohol in your system, but to also accurately indicate how much. Patented crystals inside the tube change colour from yellow to green in the presence of alcohol. The further up the graduated tube the green colour appears the greater the concentration of alcohol the user has in their system. As the green colour change passes each line, you’ve passed each limit.

Indicator level 0.5‰ BAC for the Irish & European driver.

*According to AlcoSense statistics.

ok (Worcestershire)

ok....not used some of the products yet


Just what was needed (Somerset)

Good to have 2 in case you ever have to use one


Appears to be as advertised. (Surrey)

Didn't open it - no idea if it's good or not, just needed to have it to comply with French law when driving there. Did not appreciate being badgered via email to review this minor purchase!


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