European Driving Accessories

Ensure that your next road trip goes as smoothly as possible by stocking up on the essential spare parts, kits and accessories you need before you go abroad. Our travel accessory range includes everything you need to stay safe and drive confidently while you are in Europe, from spare bulbs to windscreen covers, warning flares and travel hair dryers, we have you covered.

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Driving abroad poses different challenges to driving at home. Before you head to Europe, it is important that you check the rules and regulations for the specific parts of Europe that you will be driving in. There are some minimum pieces of equipment that all of the major tourist destinations require motorists to have – such as spare bulbs, hazard warning triangles and registration plate stickers, and then there are other items that are required in specific countries – such as snow socks (at certain times of year), and headlamp beam converters.

If you will be driving off road or in remote areas, you may want to pick up some additional items such as warning flares and puncture repair kits. If you are simply looking for a chance to escape to warmer climates, then sun shades will make your car more comfortable and reduce glare while you are driving.

What You Need to Drive Abroad

If you plan on driving in Europe, you will need to take your full driving licence and the paper counterpart (if you have a photocard), as well as an original copy of your vehicle registration document, and evidence of your insurance.

The list of equipment required for driving abroad varies from country to country, but if you want to be able to drive in the most countries that are most popular with motorists (Austria, Belgium, France, Denmark, Croatia, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland and Norway) then you should look at picking up the following:

Failure to comply with the regulations for driving in Europe could result in an on the spot fine, so do your research today and make sure you are well prepared before you head out on holiday.

It’s a good idea to also pack a foil blanket and some snow socks or chains (if you will be driving in the winter), and to take plug adaptors or travel versions of any appliances you expect to use.