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We stock a selection of European maps and atlases, including standard road maps, as well as essential guides to popular tourist destinations, and the Michelin Must See series. Use these handy books to plan your trip and find the best restaurants, tourist attractions and activities in Europe.

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The Internet has a wealth of information about the most popular travel destinations, and is a great place to look to find hidden gems too, but there’s still a lot to be said for using paper travel guides and touring maps.

Professionally researched and curated guide books such as the Michelin Must See series will give you a truly impartial and well-written overview of the best attractions in each country, helping you to plan a holiday of a lifetime. Online reviews are interesting, and can help you to uncover some true gems, but you can never be certain of their accuracy since the authors are anonymous.

European road maps and atlases are handy to carry with you while you’re heading abroad as well. While your GPS is handy, and you can use your phone’s mobile data connection to check routes on-the-fly, dealing with roaming issues, signal loss and flat batteries in an unfamiliar country is stressful, and something that can be easily avoided with a paper back-up.

Our selection of atlases and maps includes the UK and Europe, as well as detailed guide books written with motorists in mind – with tips for handy routes that will take you past the best attractions in the country, and beautiful scenic routes that may add mileage to your trip, but will take you along some of the most spectacular roads, giving you great views and a fun driving experience.

A Great Gift

Road maps and atlases can make a great gift for a student that has just passed their test and is planning a gap year, or a dedicated driver who loves to head abroad for a long weekend. They’re something they can pull out and look at in their spare time, so they can plan their next excursion and have something to look forward to. They also provide a starting point for online research, giving holidaymakers an idea of what each destination is known for, so they can head to the internet to confirm the print information and check for the latest news, changes, and forthcoming events.

Reading a paper map is a skill that a lot of people are losing thanks to ‘navigation view’ on a GPS, but it is a really handy thing to know how to do. You can have fun with your family sitting in the hotel and looking at your guidebook, picking out the activities that you want to do over the next few days and circling them on the map. When you get home, keep the guidebook as a souvenir of your trip, and a reminder of all the things that you got up to.