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Streetwize 1 Kg BC Fire extinguisher SWFEBC

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1KG BC dry powder fire extinguisher for cars and vans.

Product description

An in-car fire extinguisher can make a valuable addition to the emergency kit in your car. It allows you handle any small fires, or render assistance to other motorists in need.

You don’t need to carry a fire extinguisher in the UK, but if you are planning to drive in Europe then we recommend that you carry one in your car. Most countries recommend you carry one, an a few make this a legal requirement. You can read more about the requirements of various EU countries on our ‘Driving in Europe’ advice section.

This fire extinguisher is filled with 1 KG of dry powder suitable for class B and C fires.

Class B fires include flammable fuel / liquids such as petrol, diesel, oil and paraffin.

Class C fires include flammable gases such as LPG, natural gas, and acetylene.

This fire extinguisher meets EN3 and CE0062 standards.

Fitting bracket included.

5 out of 5
Please supply an invoice without customers having to ask for one which I did receive when I chased it. Otherwise excellent service.
5 out of 5
not used it yet and hope I never have to but looks to be what i expected
5 out of 5
Prices very good
5 out of 5
Good service.

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