Mont Blanc TowVoyage 2 cycle carrier
Mont Blanc cycle carrier
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Mont Blanc TowVoyage Tow Ball Mounted 2 Cycle Platform Carrier

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Mont Blanc Platform cycle carrier for up to 2 bikes with integrated lights and number plate holder.

Product description

This Month Blanc platform cycle carrier attaches to your tow ball and carries one to two bikes. It has built in rear lights and number plate holder so you don't need to fit a trailer board. 

  • Tiltable, without bikes mounted, providing access to the boot
  • Cycle carrier locks to the tow ball
  • Quick fitting on all types of tow ball with a diameter of 50mm
  • Includes cycle spacers to ensure there is no contact between bikes
  • Holds 1-2 bikes (30kg max)
  • Rear lights and number plate holder with 7 pin electrics
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Fits standard and swan neck tow balls
  • Minimum assembly required -tools included
  • Quick release attachments

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