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HandiRack - twin bladder roof rack

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Universal inflatable roof bar system that supports loads of up to 80 KG.

Product description

The HandiRack is an easy to use solution for people who need to carry larger loads on their vehicles. It’s a great alternative to traditional roof racks and roof bars because it can be fitted and removed in minutes. The additional beauty of this product is that it can be transferred between different vehicles - no special fixtures of fittings required.

It is a universal product that will fit to most 2, 3, 4 and 5 door cars.

The HandiRack is suitable for transporting a range of cargo, including leisure equipment, sports equipment, holiday luggage, or even flat pack furniture for your local store. It can carry a maximum load of 80KG - subject to your individual vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

The HandiRack is manufactured from extremely tough materials and complies with the international standard for roof racks ISO / PAS 11154. The convenience of the HandiRack is that not only is it light and durable, but when deflated it’s also compact enough to store in the boot of your car so it is always there to hand. To see how the HandiRack works please click the Product Video tab to see it in action.

Handiworld Bags

You can buy a range of HandiHoldall roof bags to carry your cargo on the HandiRack. They provide the convenience of a roof box, but fold down for easy, space saving storage.

How does it work?

The HandiRack is strong, safe, and durable. Place the bars on the roof, pass the straps through the doors - then fasten and tighten.  Use the supplied pump to inflate the bars in seconds. It’s really that easy.

2 x 3 meter cargo straps are included that attach to the d-rings on the HandiRack for securing your cargo.

  • Universal size
  • 80kg load capacity
  • Multi purpose roof bars
  • Fits 2, 3, 4 and 5 door cars
  • Works with the HandiHoldall
  • Stores easily
  • Totally portable
  • Interchangeable between vehicles
  • Very easy to fit
  • Very strong & durable
  • Cushions equipment
  • Low drag & noise

2 x HandiRack twin tubes (front and rear), each with 5 metal ‘D’ ring anchor points
2 x 3 metre heavy duty webbing HandiStraps
1 x 1000cc high volume double action HandiPump
1 x detailed instruction booklet
1 x nylon drawstring travel bag

What weight can be transported on a HandiRack?
The total weight of your load should not exceed 80kg. We strongly advise that you consult your vehicle owner's manual as the manufacturer's recommended maximum load for the vehicle's roof may be less than the weight of the load.

How much does a HandiRack weigh?
Once removed from the display carton, the HandiRack together with the HandiStraps and HandiPump weighs 2.5kg. The dimensions of the travel bag with all the accessories and the HandiRack included are approximately 35cm L x 20cm W x 10cm D.

Will the HandiRack work on a 2-door car?
Yes it will if the car has rear opening quarter light windows or you can place both sets of bars across the front door.

Will the HandiRack affect the operation of the doors or windows?
Not at all. The doors and windows continue to operate normally.

How does the HandiRack attach to the car?
The HandiRack features a main fitting strap that goes through the inside of the car and secures in a heavy duty cam buckle on the HandiRack itself.

How do I securely anchor items to the HandiRack?
Each HandiRack features 5 metal 'D' ring anchor points. The 2 x 3m HandiStraps supplied with the HandiRack are then used to lash down items to the HandiRack using these 'D' ring anchor points.

Will the HandiRack puncture easily?
The HandiRack is immensely strong. The outer material is 400D nylon which is woven in our facility in Taiwan. The nylon is then laminated on the inside so the outer material has two layers of protection. The internal bladder which holds the air is separate to the outer material and so in effect, there are 3 layers of protection.

Will the handling of my car be altered with the HandiRack attached?
The HandiRack on its own will not alter the handling characteristics of a car. However, once a load is attached, the handling may be affected, requiring a reduction in speed and longer distances for braking. The car may also become susceptible to side winds.

Will my load be safe when driving at speed?
It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that all loads are securely tied-down. Items of equipment that may induce 'lifting forces' when travelling at speed such as boards or kayaks should also be secured to the front and rear of the vehicle using suitable bow & stern lines.

At what speed is it safe to drive at with the HandiRack attached to the car?
Up to 70 miles per hour / 112 kilometres per hour (subject to national speed limit restrictions).

Is there a danger of any water ingress in wet conditions?
We provide rain contingency guidelines within the instruction leaflet.

Will the HandiRack work on a car fitted with roof rails?
Yes, the HandiRack should always be fitted under the rails.

Can I leave the HandiRack on the car?
The HandiRack has been designed as a temporary roof carrying system and therefore should always be removed, deflated and stored when not in use.

Do ambient temperatures affect the pressure inside the HandiRack tubes?
As the HandiRack is air-filled, in warm conditions it is advisable to allow for the air within the tubes to expand a little. In colder conditions the opposite is the case. During the course of a journey, we recommend that the pressure of each tube is rechecked (as well as the security of the load).

Does the internal fitting strap impede the operation of airbags?
Only on certain vehicles fitted with curtain airbags.

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