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RAC roof bars

Roof bars

Roof bars are needed in order to use roof boxes, roof cycle racks and ski carriers. A great way to add more storage when you're heading on holiday.

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Car roof rack

A car roof rack is an essential accessory for your vehicle, especially if you ever travel with heavy or bulky items. Roof bars make family driving holidays in your car easy, providing you with a safe way of transporting your bikes and luggage and leaving plenty of room inside the vehicle for passengers and personal bags.

If you are off on a cycling holiday or a camping trip and need extra storage, roof bars are the perfect car accessory for anyone travelling by road with lots of luggage and large or irregular sized sports equipment. When driving with heavy items such as suitcases or cycles on your roof, it is vitally important to make sure that these items are extremely secure and cannot fall off as you travel, as this could pose a potentially disastrous risk to other drivers. For this reason you should look for a high quality roof bar.

Roof bars can also provide you with valuable space if you are driving to the airport, giving you a safe and secure way of transporting your suitcases that perhaps do not fit in your car boot. Remember, you should always ensure that your view of the road is unobstructed.

At the RAC Shop we have a range of high quality exterior accessories for your car, including a selection of roof racks in various sizes to fit your vehicle and roof bar locking kits to keep your belongings secure.