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Pet travel


Keep your beloved family pet safe at all times with our comprehensive range of dog travel accessories leads, pet carriers, seat covers and other travel goods. Our new 'Advanced' range gives even greater quality, comfort and durabilty - perfect for regular travel with your pets.

Pet travel

More and more families are choosing to take their pets with them when they go on holiday or on day trips. Travelling with pets can be a difficult endeavour, and takes a lot of preparation, especially if your pets are not used to sitting quietly in a car for a long time. Our selection of harnesses, leads, pet carriers and other pet travel essentials will help you to make your pets more comfortable, and ensure that the journey is completed safely.

At the RAC, we have guards and pet carriers to suit all sizes of pets, from the smallest lap animals to large dogs. We also have a range of seat covers and boot protectors that will keep your car clean and stop your pets from accidentally damaging the vehicle if they become over-excited during the journey. Our waterproof dog blanket is great for protecting your vehicle from wet pets.

Our selection of pet essentials also includes harnesses and leads for keeping your pets safe and stopping them from straying too far from your side. We also have some feeding accessories, including travel water bottles and travel food bowls so that meal time is a stress-free experience for everyone.

Not only do harnesses, seat belts and guards help to restrain your pets for their safety and comfort as they travel in your car, but they also importantly help to reduce driver distraction by keeping your four-legged friend away from the front seats.

We also sell window vent guards so that you can keep your car well-ventilated and allow your dog plenty of fresh air but without the risk of someone reaching inside the car or them reaching out! But please remember that these are not designed for leaving your pets in the car alone.

If you decide to travel with your pets, remember that animals can become dehydrated or get car sick, just like humans. Take frequent breaks for fresh air, and make sure that your pets get plenty to drink throughout the journey. Never leave a dog alone in a car, especially during the summer. Cars can heat up quickly, and it does not take long for heat stroke and dehydration to set in. The consequences can be fatal for your beloved pet.