Pet Carriers & Dog Crates

Ensure that your pet travels securely and safely. At the RAC Shop, we offer a wide range of pet carriers and dog crates which are recommended according to the size of your pet; and have been especially designed for cats and dogs.

If you have a small to medium sized pet, our range of pet carriers has been created so that your loved one can easily be transported in and out of cars. The handles are sturdy to ensure easy transportation, whilst the interior gives your pet sufficient space and the choice of visibility, to ensure travel comfort.

We recommend our range of dog crates for larger animals. Knowing that your animal is too big for a hand carrier, these products are specifically designed to stand rigid within your car. They also provide your pet with comfort, as the base is covered with a mattress.

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While most dogs and cats will travel quite well over short distances, they cannot be expected to be well-behaved in longer journeys or in an unfamiliar vehicle. That’s why we recommend that you use a dog crate or carrier to keep your pet safe in your car on longer journeys.

If you have a very big pet, then you may want to invest in a dog guard instead of a crate. These guards stand inside the vehicle, and will keep your pet out of the way of the driver and other passengers, allowing you to concentrate on driving, content in the knowledge that your pet is safe.

All of the pet crates we stock feature a pet mattress to keep your dog or cat comfortable on a long journey. These sturdy crates are designed to give your pets a good view of their surroundings. Unlike solid pet carriers, they let plenty of fresh air in, so your pet will not be at risk of overheating, as long as the car itself is kept cool and well ventilated.

Tips for Travelling With Pets

Before you go on a long journey, take your dog out and let them get some exercise. It will be more willing to get into a crate if it is already a little tired. Do not feed it right before the trip – make the last meal a few hours before departure.

Make sure that you have packed plenty of toys and other supplies. Put a chew toy or two in the crate to keep your dog occupied.

Take regular breaks to let your dog run around, go to the toilet and rehydrate. If you know that your dog has a tendency to get car sick, talk to a vet about this because they may be able to give you some advice about treatments that will help. Do not give your dog any car sickness medications without consulting a vet first.
Finally, never leave your dog in the car unattended in warm weather – even if you think that you will only be gone for a few minutes. It does not take long for a car to become dangerously hot, and heat stroke can be fatal for dogs. Take them with you whenever you leave the car.