There are various ways to make sure that your dog is safe, that its basic needs are met and that you are not breaking the law. Many owners find they will try a couple of pet travel solutions before finding the one that works best. Here are the RAC recommended ways to travel safely with your dog:

Dog carrier or cage

This a perfect way to travel if your pooch is small. They can curl up, go to sleep and won’t get under your feet.

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Boot guard for dogs

Many owners of large dogs find this the best solution as the animal has room to sit up and look out of the window. The guard prevents the dog from climbing over the seats and coupled with a boot protector stops them from rubbing mud everywhere too!

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Dog seatbelt or car harness

Owners love these as their pet can sit in the seat beside them whilst remaining safe and secure. Available in many different sizes, a seatbelt harness is comfortable and stress-free. You might want to invest in a seat cover as well to prevent scratches and stains on the seats.

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Other things to consider for your pet’s comfort:

  • Carry water in the car at all times – dogs don’t sweat in the same way as humans and so rely upon drinking water and panting to stay cool. A non-spill water bowl stops the water overflowing while the car is moving.
  • Open a window – fresh air prevents suffocation and helps if your dog gets travel sickness. You can use a window guard to prevent them from sticking their nose out!
  • Give them space – if you’ve packed to go on holiday make sure your dog still has enough room to feel comfortable and lie down if necessary.

Our RAC dog travel safety range has everything you need to keep your pet happy on a journey, from water bowls to window guards, to tie out cables and leads.

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