RAC Advanced - Car Boot Protector
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RAC Advanced - Car Boot Protector

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Product description

Three piece bumper and boot protector

Our three piece boot protector is designed specifically to protect your car's boot and bumper from scrapes, scratches and other damage. With three sections to protect your boot floor, the back of your rear seats and your bumper, you can easily keep your vehicle’s interior in tip top condition.

For dog owners, your car boot is often the safest and most convenient place to put your pet when travelling by car. However, as any dog owner knows, this will quickly cause an inevitable and unwelcome build-up of sand, dirt and dog hair in your boot. Your pet pooch can cause further damage to your car boot too by scratching and digging, especially if he is not used to travelling in the back of the car.

Our car boot protector will provide that extra layer of protection between your pet and your car’s interior, so after a day out on the beach or a long walk in the woods, no matter how wet or muddy your four legged friend may be, you can rest assured that your car boot will still be in perfect condition when you get home!

Easy to remove, our car boot protector is fully washable and made from hard wearing nylon fabric, so when it gets a bit dirty you can simply take it out and wash it.

But even when you are not travelling with your faithful furry friend, luggage, tools and even your weekly shopping can all take their toll on the condition of your car boot. However, by lining your car with this handy protector, you can help to prolong the appearance of your car’s interior and protect against unwanted scrapes and spillages.

Dimensions (aprox)

  • Boot floor protector 1150mm (W) × 1160mm (L)
  • Protector behind rear seat 430mm (W) × 990mm (L)
  • Bumper flap 820mm (W) × 660mm (L)

Care instructions

  • Cold wash (30°C)
  • Do not iron, tumble dry or wring


Attaches to your boot lining with velcro strips for easy fitting and removal when not in use.

5 out of 5
pleased so far with the car boot protector
1 out of 5
Absolute tat. Poor quality,badly designed. Might as well line car boot with newspaper

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