RAC Front seat dog guard
Front Seat Cargo Guard for Dogs
Front Seat Cargo Guard for Dogs
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RAC Front seat dog guard

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Reviews (5) 3 out of 5
Keep your dog safely in the back of the car with this front seat dog guard.

Product description

As driver and dog owner you’re probably very familiar with the problem of an over excited family pet leaping around the car and jumping into the front passenger seat. It is an annoyance but can also be distracting and forces you to take your eyes off the road when driving. Our front seat dog guard provides a simple solution to the problem. It fits into the gap between the front seats and effectively blocks your dog from jumping through. It’s lightweight and easy to install.

Made from high quality steel alloy with black powder coating for a rust resistant finish.


  1. Stand the guard upright behind the front seats
  2. Fasten the straps around the headrests
  3. Use the adjustable slides to establish a tight fit

Dimensions (aprox)

31cm (w) x 97cm (h)

4 out of 5
The dog guard is simple to use and can be used in either of our cars so we're happy with that. However, the packaging for transit is not so good and our box was damaged (with a hole in it) and one of the protective ends was missing. I put a rubber plug on to replace that. So - dog guard is very good but packaging is the weak link so check on arrival.
4 out of 5
not very easy to fit straps difficult to get tight
2 out of 5
It is not rigid enough
1 out of 5
Couldn't. Rate as not received. Where is it?
5 out of 5
First class item arrived next day!

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