RAC Pet Activity Set
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RAC Pet Activity Set

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Our pet activity set has all the essnetials to keep your dog happy and contented on day trips or daily walks. Save money when buying this bundle.
  • Great for taking care of your dog when you're out
  • Water bottle lets them have a drink
  • Toys to keep them entertained
  • Treat pouch so you can reward them for good behaviour

Product description

Save more when you buy these items together – normally £31.95

Keep your dog happy and entertained on summer day trips, or on their daily walk with our Pet Activity Set. Keep them entertained with our activity toy and tennis ball launcher, and reward them with tasty treats that you can store in our treat holder.

If you stop for a rest or family picnic you can give your dog a drink with our folding water bowl and let them roam (but not too far) with our tie-out stake and cable.

RAC Travel Water Bottle – usual price £3.99

This light and compact water bottle opens up to provide a portable bowl to give your dog a drink whilst out walking. The bottle holds 500ml of water.

Dimensions: 11x33" / 5x8cm

RAC Food & Treat Holder - usual price £3.99

This handy canvas pouch with belt clip is perfect for storing tasty treats for your dog when you go for a walk. Ideal for dog training rewards, or just to treat your dog when you’re strolling through the park or countryside.

RAC Advanced Tennis Ball Launcher - usual price £2.99

Dogs love to chase balls and bring them back to you – our tennis ball launcher allows you to throw a ball further, reduces arm ache, and allows you to pick the ball up without having to bend down to far. Includes the launcher and one tennis ball.

RAC Advanced Activity Toy - usual price £4.99

Our versatile dog activity is made from tough canvass fabric and can be thrown as a Frisbee for games of fetch; or used as a tug toy with your dog.

RAC Tie-out Stake & Cable - usual pricce £16.99

Use the stake and 15ft cable to tether your dog when you are camping, or having a picnic in the park. The cable is long enough to let your dog walk about, but short enough to keep them near you. Supplied in a nylon storage bag.

Stake dimensions: 16cm x 53cm x 6cm
Cable: 15ft

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