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120 watt solar panel kit for caravans & motorhomes

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120 watt solar panel kit for use with caravans & motorhomes.

Product description

Solar panels are the perfect way to provide free electricity to your caravan or motorhome by using the energy from the sun and natural daylight. No need to pay for expensive campsite hook ups, and you;ll have the freedom to roam wherever you want to but still have power. You can install the solar panels on your roof and connect them to a 12 volt battery which will charge up during the daytime. This 120 watt solar panel systems requires the use of the 8Ah charge controller - included in the pack. It uses a high quality crystalline cell system that is suitable for use all year round.

This panel is designed for extended use away from a mains supply and perfect for large motorhomes running lights, water pump, TV, laptop etc.

You can also use this solar panel on smaller motor boats.

The kit includes 20 year cell warranty and 10 year module warranty.

The Camping & Caravan Club has a useful guide on how to choose the right solar panel for your caravan.

The typical daily performance of the solar panel in peak conditions:
840 watt-hours per day / 55.1 amp-hours per day
Panel Size – 670 x 1285 x 35mm
Panel Weight – 11.5KG

 1 x STP120 - 120wp solar panel,
 1 x STS01208 - 8Ah charge controller,
 1 x FKA08 - universal fitting kit,
 1 x FKA09 - universal fitting kit - extension pack,
 1 x DD00100 - cable feed gland,
 1 x tube SIKA 252 bonding agent,
 1 x SDGM01 - digital solar test meter,
 1 x pack fuses, ring terminals
 1 x fitting instructions

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