Touring and Towing Accessories Bundle
Trailer Boards

Touring and Towing Accessories Bundle

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  • Key essentials for people towing
  • Includes trailer board and towing mirror
  • Rapid tyre inflator to keep tyres inflated on the road
  • Emergency beacon to help warn of breakdown

Product description

Save more when you buy these items together – normally £77.96

Our Touring Bundle includes essential towing products that you’ll need if you are planning to head off with your caravan or trailer tent this summer. You’ll save money compared to buying these products individually and our bundle includes the products listed below.

Maypole Trailer Board 4ft with 6m cable – usual price £20.99

If you’re towing a trailer or caravan, or using a cycle carrier that obstructs your rear lights and number plate then you’ll need a trailer board. This board has space for your number plate, and has indicator, rear and number plate lights to keep you visible on the road.

Size: 4ft with a 5m 7pin power connector

Maypole Deluxe Towing Extension Mirror – Convex Glass – usual price £11.99

This universal towing mirror can be easily fitted to most vehicles and has convex glass to allow greater visibility of the rear of the vehicle when towing a caravan or trailer.

Maypole 12v Rapid Tyre Inflator – usual price £29.99

Quickly top up the tyre pressure on your car, caravan and trailer before heading onto the road this summer. This rapid inflator will quickly pump up the tyre to the recommended pressure for improved road handling and fuel efficiency.

RAC LED Flare – usual price £14.99

This handy and robust LED flare magnetically attaches to your vehicle and can be seen up to 1 KM at night. Choose one of 9 light sequences (including SOS) to warn other motorists and rescue services about your location.

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