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Maypole Car Cover top - estate

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Car covers help prevent frost on your car windows.

Product description

Estate saloon car cover

Winter is great for many things, open log fires, hearty winter food and Christmas. But for drivers it also sees the return of the morning ritual of de-icing and scraping the frost away from your car windows. It’s something that we all hate to do especially when you are needing to get to work, or the kids to school. It doesn’t need to be a chore though; there are a number of products on the market including windscreen covers and car covers.

The Maypole car top cover is a car cover that fits over the top half of your vehicle and effectively screens the windscreen, side windows and rear windows against frost and snow. Simply fit the cover when you are parked for the evening and remove it in the morning. Your windows will be frost free and you can just get in your car and drive. No more reaching for the ice scraper or de-icer. The car cover is made from water resistant nylon and includes elasticated straps with fixing hooks.

You can also use the Maypole car cover top for all year round protection against UV rays, rain, wind, smog, dust, snow and ice. It provides great protection than a standard windscreen cover that only protects your windscreen from frost.

Available in four sizes:

  • Small: 260cm (l) x 120cm (w) x 60cm (h)
  • Large: 280cm (l) x 120cm (w) x 60cm (h)
  • Hatchback: 250cm (l) x 120cm (w) x 50cm (h)
  • Estate: 300cm (l) x 120cm (w) x 60cm (h)

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