Maypole MP9332 Medium Waterproof Car Cover
Maypole Waterproof Car Cover
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Maypole Medium Waterproof Car Cover

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Protect your car from the elements with this premium car cover.

Product description

Our cars are exposed to all sorts of weather through the year, but none so harsh as during the winter months. A combination of frost, rain, snow, and road pollutants can have a damaging effect on the paintwork.

This premium car cover is made to protect the car from the elements including rain, UV rays, smog, dust, snow and ice. Air vents in the cover allow moisture to evaporate and reduce condensation build up.

You can fit the cover quickly and it is held in place with an elasticated hem and under car securing straps to prevent it from blowing off in the wind.

A storage bag is included for easy storage in the boot between use.

Colour: Silver / Grey

Size: Fits cars up to 4.5 meters

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