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1L Comma Super Coldmaster antifreeze ready mixed

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Stop your car radiator from freezing over winter with this read to use universal antifreeze.

Product description

Make sure that your vehicle’s antifreeze levels are topped up through the winter months with this ready mixed Comma Super Coldmaster Antifreeze product. You should always ensure that there is a 50/50 mix ratio to protect your car radiator from freezing. Allowing your antifreeze levels to drop below 50/50 increases the risk of damage to your car’s cooling system - this can result in costly garage repair bills. It also protects against overheating during the warmer summer months.

Comma Super Coldmaster Antifreeze is suitable for use in both petrol and diesel engines, and offers two years longlife protection. This premium antifreeze product contains Mono Ethylene Glycol and does not contain alcohol or methanol.

Protection offered

-36°c (Ambient) Winter Protection
+45°c (Ambient) Summer Protection

Blended from Super Coldmaster Antifreeze

Comma recommends this product for applications requiring: BS 6580-1992 and AFNOR NFR 15-601 (except Reserve Alkalinity).

Always follow instructions on the bottle and your vehicle user manual for correct application of antifreeze.

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