Thomar Air Dry Duo
De-icer, Anti-Freeze & Screen Wash

Thomar Air Dry Duo Dehumidifier

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Absorbs excess moisture twice as fast and prevents screen mist, odour and mould in cars, caravans and motorhomes.

Product description

Autumn and winter mornings see the return of misty windows and the sight of people busily wiping their windscreen with de-mist pads and blowers on full. The Air Dry Duo Car Dehumidifier can help prevent, and even stop windscreen fog. The pouch contains natural storage granules that absorb excess moisture and humidity from the car interior that would normally cause mist on the interior of the car windows. It works twice as fast as the standard Air Dry pouches. The dehumidifier provides additional benefits to vehicle owners by reducing the risk of mould, fungi, musty odours and rust forming inside the cabin. The Air Dry Duo can also be used in caravans, motorhomes, boats and even around the home.

It stores up to 1 litre of moisture and can last up to 5 months between re-charge. You can re-charge the pouches by placing them on your home radiators for a few hours to dry them out (instructions provided in the box).

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