Snow chains - 9mm and 16mm

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Delivery to UK Mainland only (exlcudes Highlands).  1 We match snow chains based on the standard factory fit wheels and tyres for your car. If you’ve fitted different wheels and tyres please use our 9mm snow chain look-up table

What are snow chains?

Snow chains can be fitted to your car tires to increase traction which improves grip when driving in snow and ice. They are also known as tyre chains or car chains. In the UK, they are particularly useful in rural areas where roads are not snow ploughed or gritted regularly in the winter. Elsewhere in Europe local laws may require snow chains to be carried and fitted, so always check these requirements before travelling abroad. Snow chains are sold in pairs and usually need to be fitted on the front wheels, depending on whether your vehicle has front or rear wheel drive.

It is important that your car chains are the right size for your tyres. Our range includes a wide selection of tyre chains suitable for Volvo, Audi, Mercedes, VW, Mini, Subaru and all other popular car brands. Simply enter your registration number above and the RAC will provide you with tyre chains recommended for the size of your vehicle. If you order your snow chains from the RAC Shop and find that they don't fit your tyres it's not a problem; we'll replace them free of charge.

How To Order

Snow chains are sold in pairs and generally are fitted to the front wheels of your vehicle. To order Just enter your registration number above and we will match up your vehicle with the snow chains that you require.

When you buy snow chains from the RAC shop you’re guaranteed great quality products that improve winter driving safety and are easy to fit. Your tyre chains will come with full fitting instructions and repair links, as well as a storage bag for when they’re not in use.

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