Polar 16mm Snow Chains
Polar 16mm snow chains
Polar 16mm snow chains
Snow Chains

16mm Snow Chains for Vans, 4x4 - P400

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Snow chains for use on vans, 4x4s, motorhomes & light commerical vehicles.

Product description

Keep your van, 4x4 and motorhome moving in the snow

For the past few years we have seen periods of heavy snow in the UK which has made road travel a lot more difficult. It’s always advisable to avoid travel wherever possible, but if you need to keep moving then a set of snow chains make an invaluable addition to your winter driving kit. You can also use the chains for driving on muddy surfaces for improved grip.

16mm snow chains are design for use with vans, 4x4s, motorhomes and light commercial vehicles.

You will also need snow chains in most European countries when travelling through the winter months.

Choose the right size

Snow chains are designed to fit on correct tyre size. Please use our vehicle registration lookup tool to match the correct chains to your vehicle (we can only match on tyres supplied at time of vehicle manufacture).

16mm Snow Chain Key Features

  • Quick fitting diamond pattern chains
  • Spring assisted tensioning system
  • 16mm projection for 4x4, camper vans and light commercial applications
  • Spares/repairs pack available (incl. links, springs & rubber tensioners)
  • These chains are also suitable for mud applications
  • Certifications: O-Norm 5117, TUV

What’s included

  • Pair of 16mm snow chains
  • Nylon storage bag
  • Gloves
  • Repair links
  • Fitting instructions


*not suitabke for vehicles over 2000 KG

What speed should you drive at?

Do not exceed 30mph (50 km/h) with chains fitted

Can you use snow chains on tarmac?

Snow chains are designed for use on packed snow and ice. Driving on tarmac is not recommended because it will wear the chains very quickly. Snow chains can also be used in muddy conditions - very useful for motor homes.

Can you use snow chains in the UK?

The use of snow chains is legal in the UK, as long as they are not used in a manner that will damage the road surface. This means snow chains must only be used on snow-covered roads and need to be removed when driving on a tarmac surface.

Do you need to carry snow chains in Europe?

The use of snow chains is legal across most of Europe, and in many areas they are compulsory. Local signs indicate when they are legally required and this includes all mountain roads/ski resorts. Outside of these compulsory areas, any driver found to cause a hold up or accident as a result of not being equipped for the weather conditions is liable to be fined.

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