CARPOINT Standard Snow Chains - 12mm (KN80)
Snow Chains

CARPOINT Standard Snow Chains - 12mm (KN80)

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Standard Snow Chains - 12mm (KN80)

Product description

Snow Chains are a legal requirement in many EU countries, and as we saw from last year, and an ideal winter product in the UK. Last year over 750,000 vehicles were left stranded during the most violent snow storms to hit the UK in 25 years. Our Carpoint Snow Chains meet strict European TUV and GS Standards aswell as the 'ON' Award from the Austrian Institute of safety.

  • Provides vital grip when driving on Snow and Ice
  • Supplied in handy storage bag - Ready for an emergency
  • 12mm Thick - Provides extra strength over stadnard 9mm chains
  • Bright Colour Coded chains make them easy to see and fit to your vehicle
  • One Size fits many tyre sizes
    Supplied in Pairs (vehicles with 4 wheel drive require TWO pairs [to cover all 4 driving wheels])
  • NB: Chains MUST be removed when driving on gravel / Tarmac to avoid damage

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