Snow shovels & snow brushes

If the heavy snows return this winter you can be prepared with a snow shovel and snow brush from our winter driving range. Snow shovels have deep scoops to help clear paths and driveways quickly. Our snow brushes have a brush to clear snow from your vehicle (required for safe driving) and an ice scraper to help de-ice your windows. Browse our range below.

We also have a great range of cheap snow brushes in our in our winter sale, along with a selection of cheap snow shovels - you'll find up to 50% off a great selection of essential driving products.

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Snow Brushes

Snow brushes are a simple yet effective method of removing snow and ice from your car without causing damage. Often called a snow broom due to its appearance, a snow brush will normally have a soft yet sturdy brush at one end to dust away any excess snow and an ice scraper at the other end to remove ice from your car windows.

Removing snow from your car before travelling is a legal requirement due to issues with visibility. Snow should also be removed from the roof and bonnet of your car and a snow brush is the perfect tool for doing this. For ease, a telescopic snow brush would be best as this will allow you to reach every part of the vehicle, this type of brush is particularly useful for clearing vans, people carriers and other large cars that may have hard to reach areas.

Here at the RAC Shop we offer a range of snow brushes to suit your budget and your needs. Starting at just £2.39 for the value snow brush with ice scraper to the more substantial telescopic snow brush which has its own built in squeegee and removable ice scraper, the brush can also be angled should you need added flexibility.

Snow brushes are small enough to store away in the boot of your car until needed and usually made from durable Polypropylene and lightweight aluminium for ease of use.

Snow Shovels

When the cold weather sets in, preparation is paramount. One of the simplest yet often most over looked solutions is the humble snow shovel. When out travelling, particularly in the snow, it’s impossible to really know how bad it’s likely to get. A snow shovel will give you that added security should you be in a situation where it’s easy to get stuck in the snow.

At the RAC Shop, we stock a comprehensive range of snow shovels that are compact in design to fit neatly into the boot of your car. Some of these snow shovels also fold up and come with their own bag to make storing even easier.

As well as compact snow shovels, we also offer the heavy duty snow shovel kit which can be used for clearing driveways and pathways. These can prove to be invaluable in winter as they help reduce the risk of accident and make it easier if you or a relative struggle to walk in the snow. The heavy duty snow shovel weighs just 1KG, making it extremely light and easy to use.

All of the snow shovels supplied by the RAC Shop are built to last, made from durable polypropylene, aluminium or steel. All of the snow shovels have a deep scoop which is designed to make it easier when clearing soft, fresh snow. Reducing the amount of time it takes to get the job done.

You may wonder how much it costs to buy a snow shovel and the answer is next to nothing at all. Our snow shovels start at just £5.99 which means there’s no excuse not to have one as part of your defence against the elements. However, do make sure you choose the right snow shovel to suit your needs. A larger heavy duty model, may not be suitable if your intention is to store it in the boot of your car. This could also be true if storage space at home is an issue where a fold away model may be better for your needs.